Summit hike in Panorama and visits

OMG – I didn’t think it would be that much of a work out hiking the summit in Panorama, but little did I know. It was so hard but so good! It was a really good day. I actually hiked in more than once – never ever thought I would do that either. But I don’t regret it. I regret not doing in the dat before on the second time up – there was smoke everywhere and it was such a bad view. We hiked all the way to Mt Goldie on the second hike or at least that’s what we think because we couldn’t really see around us. So we just say we did!

The first hike up I got Nicola and Dean with me and B. What a challenge to get them up there but they loved it and can say they did it (Dean did it once before).

I visited Pano in the end of July and had a blast. I can’t believe how that place is getting me that drunk every time I’m there. 😛 Okay okay I know it’s not the place, I just want to blame it on someone else than me. It was amazing. I tanned at the pool and went for dinner with my beautiful friends and really enjoyed being there. So much that I decided to go back for a week just a couple og weeks later. I did the same – enjoyed seeing the beautiful people I got to know in winter. I truly feel blessed that I have friends like that and that I had the opportunity to meet people like that in a completely different world.

Here is some photos from the first hike:

Photo 2015-08-03, 3 34 53 PM Photo 2015-08-03, 4 10 53 PM Photo 2015-08-03, 4 42 11 PM Photo 2015-08-03, 4 59 27 PM Photo 2015-08-03, 4 59 45 PM Photo 2015-08-03, 5 23 46 PM 887457_10153578897669161_5404409354250135011_o 11261127_10153578898524161_544707952713812983_o 11908946_10153578897559161_5740507993758236167_o 11950465_10153578897384161_6890125943889963849_o 11951437_10153578898344161_1171160722978812042_o



Here is some photos from my visit to Pano after that I will put in some photos from my second hike to the summit.

Photo 2015-07-30, 2 38 57 PM Photo 2015-07-31, 2 09 05 PM Photo 2015-07-31, 3 11 43 PM Photo 2015-07-31, 4 18 42 PM Photo 2015-07-31, 4 23 05 PM Photo 2015-07-31, 11 39 49 AM Photo 2015-07-31, 11 55 43 AM (1) Photo 2015-07-31, 11 55 51 AM Photo 2015-07-31, 12 09 25 PM Photo 2015-07-31, 12 51 01 PM Photo 2015-08-01, 6 55 02 PM Photo 2015-08-01, 8 46 59 PM


Second hike to the summit and (maybe) Mt Goldie and photos from good times from that week.

Photo 2015-08-24, 2 09 10 PM Photo 2015-08-24, 10 56 46 AM Photo 2015-08-24, 10 56 47 AM 11231334_10153578902934161_8887097681075311417_o 11886165_10153578902724161_2920612245006202012_o Photo 2015-08-24, 11 51 19 AM 11942343_10153578903074161_6564009875642897354_o 11229376_10153578903329161_6766857172327423283_o 11922987_10153578903389161_7869253227948112885_o






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