Camping in Whistler

My friends Simon from Denmark has been in Revelstoke since October last year and he is now travelling down the states – ROADTRIP! He started driving from Revelstoke to Vancouver and picked me up. He stayed here for one night and we got everything ready to go north towards Whistler the next day.

We just drove and stopped at a campground just outside of Whistler. Simon went for a couple of hours of mountain biking and I went for a long walk around the area. I walked by the Whistler bungee and I was so close to actually do it but nah next time maybe. On the way back from my walk I finally saw a bear at the side of the road! Been complaining for so long and then it was finally there. So cute! We camped for the night and the next day went to Alta Lake. Simon biked around on some trails around in the area and again I had a long trek. Beautiful area. It rained a bit though but still so worth it. We went back to the same campground that night. A really nice little place. A little cold sleeping in the tent when it was raining and not really the best weather.

The day after we went back up to Whistler Village. Simon decided to go for a full dat of downhill mountain biking and rented all the gear and bike. So sick. I planned on doing the same but the day before on my walk I did something to my foot so I couldn’t really walk and it was really hurting. So I went up to the top and walked around the village, bought some goodies for myself etc. Amazing day watching Simon come down all ecstatic about the biking and really enjoyed. We went back to Vancouver and stayed at my place for a night and he left the next day towards the states. So jealous of him! Gonna be such a nice trip. I’m back in Van and will be leaving this beautiful city in only 2 weeks! Insane. Goodnight from Van.

Oh and we saw another 5 bears on the way from Whistler to Van in 10 km. That was the best! 🙂

DSC02159 DSC02164 DSC02166 DSC02187 DSC02197 DSC02199 DSC02208 DSC02212 DSC02216 DSC02218 DSC02221 DSC02228 DSC02241 Photo 2015-09-04, 6 35 51 PM Photo 2015-09-02, 7 50 47 PM Photo 2015-09-03, 7 02 34 PM Photo 2015-09-03, 9 29 38 AM Photo 2015-09-04, 10 08 49 AM Photo 2015-09-04, 10 07 59 AM Photo 2015-09-04, 10 07 53 AM Photo 2015-09-04, 7 10 49 PM


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