Another small hike to Mt Jackpine

Last time in Pano I went for a small hike with B and Laura up the Jackpine. We came up but figured out we did something wrong somewhere because we didn’t go where we wanted to. But we did get some really good photos and some exercise. We walked around the valley trail too and got to see the golf course and around the village.

DSC02050 DSC02038 DSC02031

11896448_10153578901914161_2537055979116388404_o 11942196_10153578902449161_7500428744569554808_o 11958310_10153578901699161_4029984207232045975_oDSC02025 DSC02039 DSC02056 DSC02077 DSC02087 Photo 2015-08-23, 8 16 06 PM Photo 2015-08-23, 8 19 03 PM


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