Road trip Calgary to Vancouver

At the end of April me and one of my friends Marc decided to go for a road trip. He went to Cancun with me and the rest of the group and we both flew in to Calgary on the same day.

We spent one night in Calgary and took of early in the morning to go to Jasper. We found a cute little place to stay in for two nights and the best part was that we met up with one of Marcs friends from home Jess. She is absolutely awesome. She had the days off and took us around the little town of Jasper. Because we came straight from 40 degrees and blue sky and sun, we had no warm clothes except for a big sweater – clever us! We went for a small trip to Jasper skyride all the way to the top. We walked out where they said: closed for the season! Real rebels. 😛 The funnies thing about these two days in Jasper was Jess. Jess going down from that little hike on top of the mountain was hilarious. Don’t know how she made it, but looking at her panicking and laughing at the same time going down was priceless!! It was a couple of really good days in Jasper.

The drive up there was horrible and a huge snow storm – we couldn’t see anything on the way up. Luckily it was clear blue sky on the way down. And what a view all the way down! Absolutely mind blowing beautiful! Picture really doesn’t gives it justice. But we tried to take some good photos.

We went to Panorama for a couple of days and met up with Tatjana and Merle. We really didn’t do much those two days. We went in to town and shopped a bit and then we had a nice dinner with those two girls and watched some movies. We needed a little chill and just enjoyed it.

After that we drove straight to Vancouver. I was the only one allowed to drive so it was a long trip. But we did it in one day and a couple of stops on the way. That is also the most beautiful drive there. I’m so impressed with British Columbia – just beautiful!

We had a couple of days in Vancouver and met up with Erin, crazy and amazing girl, Stuart and his friend. Walked around in Stanley Park and shopped a little. Just had a couple of nice days in Vancouver before Erin left. Marc and me walked around and enjoyed it before I took off towards Calgary and then Toronto. More of that in another post. 🙂

A few pictures. I have so many, so just gonna put in the best ones!

Photo 2015-04-24, 4 55 45 PM DSC00919 DSC00933 DSC_0345 DSC00943 DSC00971 DSC00948 DSC00952 DSC00964 DSC00976 DSC00982 DSC00989 DSC_0362 DSC00991 DSC01002 DSC01026 DSC01029 DSC01034 DSC01038 DSC01039 DSC_0379 Photo 2015-04-25, 3 43 32 PM Photo 2015-04-25, 3 55 16 PM Photo 2015-04-25, 3 55 30 PM Photo 2015-04-25, 4 00 10 PM Photo 2015-04-25, 4 00 50 PM DSC01062 DSC01051 DSC01055 DSC_0406 Photo 2015-04-27, 7 41 39 PM Photo 2015-04-27, 7 42 04 PM Photo 2015-04-27, 7 56 25 PM DSC01065 Photo 2015-04-29, 4 11 44 PM Photo 2015-04-29, 2 57 25 PM


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