Changes in life …

I know .. sometimes life just changes. I’m one of those who decides to deal with it and go ahead and enjoy whatever challenges life gives you. I know enjoy probably isn’t the right word for it but I am a positive person – and I will try to give my best to everything and everyone. I just have to remember to feel amazing about myself before I’m able to be there for the important people in my life. I do know 1 thing – and my friends and family never feels neglected – I will always have room for them to tell me there problems, no matter how warn out I am!

I hope my dearest friends sees that I sometimes just need to be me and that doesn’t mean they are not important to me.

So yes …. life gives you a freaking hard time, life will knock you down, life will try to ruin you, life is fucked, life will always make sure that you work for what you get and will have BUT just remember YOU CHOOSE HOW TO USE YOUR PAST IN THE FUTURE!



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