Oh yeah – we decided to take a all inclusive week to Cancun. We were a couple of people from Panorama that decided to go a little crazy in Cancun. One of the best decisions I’ve ever made! We could finish the season with people we really cared about and get a relaxing time. It was Nicola, Sam, B, Dean, Mo, Marc and Me. There was some other people from Pano too – and we saw them a couple of times, but they had a lot of plans. I think we were about 15 people from Pano at the same resort at the same time – pretty cool. 🙂

I can tell you a few things – we tried many different flavours of tequila, we enjoyed the sun and we went to Chichen Itza (pyramids about 3 hours away from Cancun).

I don’t really want to or neither can I – tell anything else. I’m just gonna show you these amazing photos.

11042304_10152919070561981_5182461298427938579_o 11058133_10152919075911981_3695910787098666251_o 11062142_10152919076596981_5532488435543068210_o 11080655_10152919070246981_7670966853734399709_o 11110212_10152919071366981_8758175759865512506_o 11222727_10152919070011981_969748492224895960_o 11242792_10152919073301981_6310240775862134658_o 11270333_10152919075081981_6516639255475003113_o 11270632_10152919072266981_6192911095006030460_o 11406375_10152919075481981_2409246957269159484_o 11406696_10152919072586981_2945766248179628639_oDSC_0282 DSC00747 DSC00770 DSC00791 DSC00798 DSC00799 DSC00809 DSC00887 DSC00903 Photo 2015-04-17, 3 21 11 PM Photo 2015-04-17, 12 13 49 PM Photo 2015-04-23, 11 09 21 AM



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