Last weeks in Panorama

Wow – what a winter season! I had the most amazing time. I met some insane people. People I will have in my life forever. Theres doubt about this being something I will always remember.


The last couple of weeks of working at Panorama was pretty much like “let’s get this over with, so we can go on”. For me that meant Cancun trip and a lot of roadtrip around Canada and USA. So that was just something I wanted started.

The last night we had a farewell party and we all had a blast.


If anyone thinks about travelling the world – do it! At least give it a try. Do what you dream of and try to give yourself the best experience in life. I will not trade it for anything in life!

The photos below is some of the people making this the most amazing experience ever!Photo 2015-04-25, 3 55 30 PM

28ade-img_0178 IMG_2675 Photo 2015-05-06, 5 46 13 PM 981354_10152912472341981_2086578624431797596_o 1463145_10155479206330156_1580129485031753978_n 10988481_10152912472416981_5641287838507741556_o 11088233_10153162466503851_7363270458941502305_n 11427375_10152912472646981_4569749369549117635_o 11538127_10152912472151981_3089696309869169817_o IMG_0506


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